15 Things I’d Rather Do Than Listen To Taylor Swift’s Newest Single Again

15 Things I'd Rather Do Than Listen To Taylor Swift's Newest Single Again

On Friday, August 24, Taylor Swift released the first single off of her newest album, Reputation, set to be released on November 10, 2017.

I was a huge T-Swift fan back when she was still considered country, and even up until her Speak Nowdays, when her place in that genre had become questionable. However, over the years, I’ve found it increasingly more difficult to support her as an individual.

Don’t get me wrong, I still do appreciate a nice throwback song of hers and even some tunes from her most recent, 1989. But after hearing her newest single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” I can confidently say that these are 15 things I rather do than listening to that cringe-worthy song for the third time.

1. Listen to The Chainsmokers/Smash Mouth mash-up of “Closer” + “All Star” on repeat

2. Relive any one of my awful relationships

Or, honestly, all of my awful relationships.

3. Get gum stuck in my hair

4. Take the GRE (or LSAT, MCAT, etc.)

Joke’s on me, I’m taking it next week anyway…

5. Get stood up and blocked from all social media

6. Go to a frat party as a senior

7. Take cold showers for days

This happened to me recently due to a broken water heater, and no, it wasn’t fun. But I’d do it again if I didn’t need to listen to this song anymore.

8. Accidentally “like” my ex’s new girlfriend’s Instagram post from 87 weeks ago

9. Go for a run

Running is not fun. Please do not try and convince me otherwise.

10. Watch the Cavaliers beat the Warriors on Christmas Day

But NOT in the Finals – let’s just be clear about that.

11. Fly 6 hours in front of a kid who won’t stop kicking my seat

RIP my sanity and patience.

12. Pregame with Natty Light

13. Not pregame at all

The sacrifices I’d make just to stay away from this song…

14. Get mauled by a cat

15. Start studying for my exams earlier than the night before

Sorry, T-Swift, I just wasn’t feeling the single this time. Maybe I’ll like the next one?