Attorney Divorces Former Miami Cheerleader After Learning Truth About Her

Marriage isn’t easy- and for some, the political climate in America is making it even harder. Donald Trump’s presidency has left America divided along political and ideological lines. A married couple from Palm Beach are the latest victims of the divisive presidency. Lynn Aronberg, a former cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins, has split from her husband of two years, Dave Aronberg, a State Attorney for Palm Beach County. In a joint statement, the couple cited irreconcilable differences arising from their views towards President Trump.

Lynn, 36, who has been described as “a staunch Republican and supporter of President Trump,” clashed repeatedly with her husband, a steadfast Democrat, after voicing her support for President Trump. The constant arguments left Ms. Aronberg feeling “increasingly isolated in the marriage.”

Believing that her marriage was unfixable, Lynn, who serves as executive vice president for the TransMedia Group, filed for divorce last Friday, hiring Joshua Bleil, a Lake Worth divorce attorney, to represent her. Mr. Aronberg has secured the services of Robert H.W. Shalhoub – an acclaimed West Palm Beach attorney.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Mr. Aronberg has arranged for Ms. Aronberg to be paid $100,000 in “exchange for her signature on the dotted line.” Included in this settlement is a variety of financial benefits. According to the Telegraph, “The deal calls for Aronberg, 46, to pay for half of Lynn’s rent in a luxury Boca Raton condo until next summer. She’s also reportedly getting a brand new BMW and $40,000 cash.”

“Whatever’s been put out there, I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it,” emphasized Lynn, seemingly unconcerned that private financial details relevant to her divorce arrangement have been released to the public. The president of TransMedia, Adrienne Mazzone, has her own explanations for the report, telling the Palm Beach Post: “Lynn is certainly a media maven, the public has been asking a lot of questions, and we’re simply accommodating that.”

In a joint statement from Dave and Lynn, the former couple succinctly announced their divorce, writing: “After much consideration over the past few months, we’ve decided to respectfully and amicably part ways and end our marriage. We are, however, dedicated to remaining close friends. We kindly ask for your support in preserving our privacy as we start to navigate this new chapter in our lives.”

Disregarding the difference in political opinions, numerous sources have also alleged that ‘having children’ was a divisive issue for Lynn and Dave, with a strangely personal TransMedia statement emphasizing that: “They have no children, which was a problem for Lynn. She said she wanted children, but Aronberg was in no hurry.”

Because of the nature of the split, Lynn and Dave’s divorce turned into a popular news story, gaining traction on every major social media network. With the media referring to the separation as the ‘Trump Divorce,’ online commenters began to form their own opinions on the high-profile split. Fortunately, at least one Washington Post commenter, known as ‘smhaff’, tried to offer a less politicized opinion, writing: “I wish them both well. They had a lot of outside stresses which complicated their relationship. Adults can find mixing social, professional, and love lives to be a difficult balancing act.”

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Facebook