Baby Wildcat Cries Out For Food. Rescuers Run For The Camera At The Sound He Makes

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It’s feeding time and this little Caracal knows it! So, instead of waiting patiently for the meal, the tiny African cat squeals out to its handlers for food!

The sound that comes out of its mouth is unlike anything in nature we’ve ever heard. It sounds more like an alarm than it does a baby’s cry.

There’s no way the handlers could ignore a noise like this! Apparently, this type of behavior is totally normal for Caracals.

According to the official Big Cat Rescue site, Caracals have an intense dietary routine. The site explains that Caracals prey on a variety of mammals, with the most common being rodents, hares, hyraxes and small antelope.

Screenshot via YouTube

“Unlike the other small African cats, Caracals will not hesitate to go for prey larger than themselves, such as adult springbok or young Kudu. Caracals have also been reported on occasion (although this is an exception rather than a rule) to store their [food] in trees, as do the leopards. These cats are mostly nocturnal, but have been spotted in daylight in protected areas.”

This all means that Caracals take feeding time incredibly seriously and the instincts alert them when it’s time to eat! Even as a baby, the Caracal knows it’s time to eat and won’t hesitate to show how hungry it is – just like this adorable little one does here!

Screenshot via YouTube

It’s quite frankly an incredibly odd sound. Some commentators said it sounds like this baby belongs on Jurassic Park with its shrieking.

Thankfully, most human babies don’t have the ability to be as shrill as the newborn Caracal. Despite its ear-piercing noise, it’s still awfully cute looking.

Take a peek at its extreme feeding call in the video below.