Boyfriends Do Not Get Husband Privileges

Even if he has the potential to be your husband, your boyfriend does not get husband privileges.

He’s your best friend, a partner in crime, cuddle buddy, motivator, and encourager. He’s your boyfriend. That’s it. Don’t give him things that his title in your life doesn’t entail.

Sure, he can have your kisses, hugs, support, affection, attention, and appreciation, but anything beyond that is too much for him and you to be dealing with solely as each others’ boyfriend and girlfriend. You should be spending every minute together learning new things about each other, spending time with your friends, and making memories. He doesn’t and shouldn’t be providing for you yet. He shouldn’t be choosing you above everything else in his life just yet. Sure you should be priorities in each other’s lives, but you should both be able to spend time with family and friends just as often still. He shouldn’t be living with you yet – you’re gonna miss out on girl nights with your friends or “you-time.” Therefore, he should in no way be receiving all of you yet.

Notice the word “yet” at the end of every sentence I just listed above.

He’s still just your boyfriend. As your boyfriend he has potential to be your husband, but it’s not until he has reached that potential and has the capability to provide for you, make you his #1 privilege, create a home with you, and love you till “death do you part,” does he earn the husband privileges of your forever affection, companionship, and love beyond just hugs and kisses.

Think of it this way, you’re saving something JUST for him. Only he will receive every single one of the privileges and gifts you’ve been holding onto. That’s how special he should feel. Give him something to look forward to. Something to work towards and for. Because he’s just your boyfriend right now. And he does not and should not be receiving husband privileges, period.


This article originally appeared at The Odyssey.