Girl Greets Cop Every Morning. When He Doesn’t See Her One Day, He Goes Inside To Investigate

Childhood is an interesting period of life. It’s a time where, despite being in a rush to grow up, we require gentle nurturing and guidance from the adult figures around us.

Unfortunately, when Klynn Scales was a young girl growing up in Kansas City, she didn’t have many of these positive role models.

Klynn’s 27th Street home was rife with drug abuse, violence, and other horrors no child should have to endure.

But Klynn was lucky enough to find a beacon of hope in the form of an anonymous officer from the Kansas City Police Department.

She explains to Fox4 Kansas City, “He was the one person that I trusted in my life as a kid.”

Every day, the anonymous officer would stop by the 9-year-old’s house as he made his rounds, and Klynn, as reliable as clockwork, would run to greet him.

She tells Fox4 Kansas City, “Through all the bad situations, I would just picture him saying that he was there for us and that if we ever need him, he would be right there. He would always protect us, and so those words would come to me during the worst of my childhood life.”

One day, Klynn’s house was devoid of food, and she had to resort to stealing from the local 7-Eleven in order to feed her brothers.

The anonymous officer, noting the little girl’s absence, decided to enter the home to check on her. When he found her, she was sick and in need of medical care.

In the end, the little girl was treated for malnutrition— but still, she did not know the officer’s name.

Twenty years later, after moving out of state to Texas, Klynn found herself thinking of the mysterious protector from so many years before and decided it was time to thank him.

The anonymous officer, who is later revealed as Jeff Colvin, tells Fox4 Kansas City:

“I had actually thought about her and wondered whatever happened with her…”

With the help of Sgt. Jennifer Jones, Klynn is reunited with Colvin, finally getting the chance to thank the man who was such a positive role model in her life.

The experience was meaningful to Colvin, who explains to Fox4 Kansas City:

“Most times we go through our career not realizing we truly helped anybody out.” He admits, “That was the case with me where I wondered if I was even in the right career path.”

It seems everything has come full circle in this little story— as of July 2016, Klynn was set to begin the police officer application process in Houston, Texas.

Wow, what a shining example of the power of positive police work!