He Walks Into Hospice Room, Sees Male Nurse Over His Mom. Immediately Hits Record

When his mother’s sickness got to become too much for her to bear, Chuck checked her into hospice care to help make her final days more comfortable. But during the stay, Chuck walked into the room and caught the male nurse standing next to the dying woman. And what the medical professional was doing was shocking.
If you watch the news often, the terrible crimes and stories you hear can make you lose your faith in humanity. And if you live in a bustling city, you might feel more like livestock than a human – if you based your self-perception on how the masses treated you.

What Chuck witnessed that day in hospice was the kind of event that restored his faith in humanity. Although the care that his dying mother was receiving was top notch, what the large male nurse was doing made all the difference. And Chuck took out his camera to capture the viral moment…

After stepping into the room and realizing what was happening, Chuck started tearing up. That’s how he knew that this moment needed to be caught on camera.

His mother, Mary, had spent several days at the Austinburg Rehab & Nursing Center in Austinburg, Ohio. And because she was dying, Chuck and all her other family members knew that this would be the last place she ever experienced. And they needed it to be good for the kind woman.
During her stay, Mary’s care was assigned to Joshua Woodard, a hospice aide. He had actually known Mary since he was nine-years-old.

Years ago, Mary had been a piano and voice teacher. And Joshua had been one of her many students. He instantly recognized the woman he had adored as his music teacher. And he decided that he would give back to the woman who taught him so much about music. Every day she was in hospice, he sang to her.

On one occasion, Chuck burst into his mother’s room and caught Joshua singing “How Great Thou Art” to his dying mother. And when Chuck saw the smile and joy on his mother’s face, he was overjoyed.

Now you can watch the heartwarming moment in the video below!
Some of the nearly 800,000 viewers shared their thoughts about the special moment.

“Having seen both my parents off in a Hospice I can only say that in an ideal world we would not need people like this man, but this is not an ideal world and thank God for each and every one of them.”

“wow what an amazing thing to do loved it and what a lovely singing voice you have you had a great teacher there,” Zena Bellis wrote.

Cindy Treadway shared, “oh wow they sang this at my dad’s funeral. that’s beautiful…I think she’s smiling…”

Mary lies there as Joshua sings his heart out for his beloved music teacher.

What does this moment make you feel?

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