Kid Rams Shopping Cart Into A Stranger’s Leg Three Times, Gets Response No One Saw Coming

Some supermarkets give children kid-sized shopping carts so they can go around the store and feel like they are helping their parents. This can be a dream come true for some parents, who now can put their little ones to use rather than just have to watch them or stop them from running around the store. Other times the little kids haven’t learned valuable lessons about personal space and proceed to use their cart in abusive or obstructive ways. I can’t be the only one who has gotten annoyed by kids who use these carts and block aisles and shelves.
But recently, one child, who was given a kid-sized grocery cart, decided to use his privilege to batter it against a random man in line. The bratty boy kept running the cart into the man’s leg.

And to make matters worse, the boy’s mother seems to care less about what the child is doing to the other adult. “Little Logan is exploring,” she seems to say nonchalantly.

But the stranger doesn’t care if the boy is exploring. And he goes on to teach the brat a hard life lesson at 0:22 in the video clip. Watch it at the bottom of this post now!

After the man gets hit repeatedly in the leg by the kid’s shopping cart, he does the respectful thing. He talks to the boy’s mother and tells her that the boy is bothering him. He doesn’t want to be hit by a metal object over and over again.
But the boy’s mother could care less about what this stranger thinks. Although she appears to say something to her bratty child, the boy doesn’t listen. He then proceeds to use the kid-sized cart as a battering ram again.

Because the kid rams the metal cart into the man’s knee, this adult decides to act. Obviously, the boy isn’t going to respect anyone and isn’t going to listen to his own mother.

Frustrated by the boy who keeps hitting him with the metal cart, the man reaches into it and takes out a milk carton…

The boy grins as the man starts to open the carton of milk. But that brat’s smile disappears once the carton of milk is spilled all over his head.

Seconds later, the boy is crying. And what does mom do? She kneels and picks up her brat to soothe him. Then she leaves the store after telling the man off.
But do you think this annoying boy and his mother got what they deserved? Here’s what viewers like you wrote in on YouTube:

“you can see the mother tapping the son to keep slamming the shopping carts into the man… dumb b*tch. he should have poured the milk on her.”

“He should’ve poured milk on both of them”

“I thought he was going to lift that cart and smash that little brat with it. But I guess pouring milk on him seems enough.”

Do you think the man punished the boy appropriately? Should he have poured milk on the mother too?

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