Man Hears Thumps Coming from Dumpster. Finds 5-Mo-Old Pup Taped Inside Box, Covered in Blood

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Imagine waking up, heading into your living room, and being summoned by an echoing thump coming from outside of your apartment. Eventually the repetitive sound would get to you and you’d be forced to investigate.

This happened to a man on one exceptionally warm day as he walked outside and followed the rhythmic thumping over to a big, blue dumpster. He peered inside and saw nothing but trash and a large cardboard box.

However, he could hear the sound continue and noticed it was coming from inside the box. With a jerk, he lifted the box — which looked lighter than it was — and ripped off the duct tape that sealed it shut.

Inside he saw a 5-month-old, 35-pound puppy with missing fur, and sad eyes, whose blood was streaked along the walls of the box. Despite all this horror, the puppy continued to make the thumping sound, which was caused by a wagging tail.

The man had concluded that the blood on the box was from the paws of the young pup as it tried to escape its cardboard coffin. He took her inside and after nine bowls of water back-to-back, he knew she needed help. A couple of days passed before he farmed this out to a more seasoned source.

The man immediately called Dallas DogRRR, who quickly dispatched a rescue team. They specialize in both rescuing and finding homes for abused dogs. They came to Sally and it’s a good thing that they did.

At the head of this investigation was their executive director and vice-president Patti Dawson. Dawson confirmed the bloody injury by inspecting the paws of newly-named Sally and concluded that she had only been in there for a couple of hours.

Dawson came to this conclusion by the fact that it was over 90 degrees and chances that a dog could survive that for very long was slim. The man gladly gave Sally to the rescue team to seek medical treatment because she was in bad shape.

After a full exam, it was found that Sally was suffering from severe dehydration, mange, a skin infection, and some respiratory problems. Sally did not suffer from low spirits, however, since upon first sight she began licking Dawson for 15 minutes straight.

Woman hugging rescued dog

Dawson couldn’t put Sally in a cage or kennel, so she stayed with the executive director for a few days until a foster family was available. Sally has gotten better but still needs a permanent home to live in for the rest of her life.

Sally is still up for adoption, but they request that it be a family in the Dallas area so that there can be follow up veterinary check-ups. If you’re in the area, consider adopting this precious pup!