Naked baby sleeps in middle of bustling staircase, and almost everyone ignored it


Every now and again we come across stories that are so shocking that we can’t believe they are even real. Sometimes, we wish that they weren’t. This is by far one of the most heartbreaking stories we’ve encountered.

Photographer A.J. Laberinto captured pictures that will send shivers down your spine.

Back in May of 2014, the photographer was strolling along the streets of Manila in the Philippines. Even though this moment was captured years ago — it’s still chilling to watch.

The photos are difficult to look at, but they need to seen and need to be shared; awareness of this cold and dark moment in humanity needs to be spread.

A naked toddler was sleeping in the middle of a bustling public staircase — not one person paying any attention.


Laberinto was completely stunned by the lack of humanity that he was witnessing. Not one single person walking by even gave the baby a second glance. They are so used to homeless and begging children, this was normal. It’s hard to think that this is happening during this day in age.

The photographer’s statement on Facebook explains the scenario:

“There I was, camera–celfone rather, in hand turning around the corner when I saw the child. You see, only recently I’ve been taking pictures of whatever sight was in front of me strolling around Manila though not that many. So there I was, and for several seconds the baby lay there on the floor not dying but rather sound asleep. The passers-by having seen too many too much of street children and beggars knew already how to react: they just walked away. After having finished taking the photos I then asked some familiar faces in the crowd, people who actually lived near those stairs, as to where the parent of that baby was. Lo and behold, a woman somewhat bedraggled with dirty clothes on showed up and immediately carried the baby away. All of this in a span of seconds. I bought the child food, by the way, four days ago and he’s still living in the streets the very bed to sleep in he ever knew.“

It’s so sad to think that this jadedness and lack of humanity exists in the world. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.


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