News Anchor Gets National Attention For Act Caught On Camera During Commercial Break

Most of us rely on the news to catch us up on the highlights of the day. We expect our news anchor to deliver the facts – professionally and seriously. While some anchors engage in friendly conversation and add-lib, they typically don’t veer off course to the point of distraction. Well, what one anchor was caught doing during commercial break was anything but expected – and when people saw him in action, the clips spread like wildfire.

WVNS-TV’s beloved anchor Dan Thorn does not fit the typical mold. What he does during commercial breaks has quickly gone viral, and not for the reason you may think. While his goofy antics may make you laugh a bit, it’s his co-anchor’s reaction that has the internet in stitches.

The look on Sarah Pisiuneri’s face says it all. She does a remarkable job of zoning him out, calmly going over her lines and applying makeup while he desperately tries to get her attention. Watch their hilarious dynamic in the viral clips below, if Dan’s dancing doesn’t make you laugh, Sarah’s reaction sure will!