Passengers Roll Eyes When 2-Yr-Old Gets On Plane, But What He Does Next Melts Their Hearts

Flying just isn’t as fun as it used to be. Crowded airports, long TSA lines, tight quarters, and rushed connections can all add up to a lot of stress and discomfort. Throw a screaming child in the mix and, for some passengers, the flight can be almost unbearable.

That’s why you can’t blame a person for having reservations when a young child gets on the plane, but this little guy adorably shut any naysayers down with the sweet way he made his way down the aisle.

Alya Jakubowicz posted a video of her 2-year-old son Guy boarding their Southwest flight from Kansas City to Chicago, and in just days he has already managed to capture millions of hearts with the precious way he greeted all of the other passengers.

“My son on the campaign trail, attempting to win the hearts of airline passengers in the hopes of becoming the next Southwest ambassador,” Alya joked in her caption on Instagram. “He is making flying the friendly skies even friendlier with one fist bump at a time!”

Little Guy Fist Bumps Passengers on Airplane

Why can't every flight start with 2-year-old fist bumps?!?