Rude Woman Pries Foul Ball Out Of Teen’s Hands On Live TV. Days Later, The Team Invites Him Back

Ryan Baker is a huge Chicago White Sox fan. On August 21, 2017, the 15-year-old went to a game and ended up sitting in the perfect spot to grab a foul ball that was hit near his seat.

While two others went after the ball, Ryan got to it first, making it rightfully his. But one rude spectator wouldn’t let it go. The stranger grabbed the teen by the arm and pried the ball straight out of his hands!

“She pries my fingers, takes the ball, and says it’s her ball because it almost hit her,” Ryan said. “I was in disbelief!”

Little did she know that this encounter was being broadcast for everyone to see. The incident ended up getting back to the baseball team, and they wanted to make things right for the teen. During the game, one of the announcers brought Ryan a game ball. But that wasn’t all the White Sox had in store for him.

A few days later, the White Sox surprised Ryan and asked him to come back to the stadium. They weren’t just going to give him and his family free tickets.

Nope, they went above and beyond for him!

They invited him to meet players on the field, hang out in the media booth, and sit right behind home plate for a game. To top it all off, the team gave him a signed baseball to make up for the one that had been stolen!

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Footage provided by WQUAD Quad Cities