She Comes Home After Three Weeks Away. Watch Her Horse’s Reaction When He Realizes It…

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For one, the connection between a human and their beloved domestic creatures is almost sacred. It’s so strong that I really can’t think of anything that could truly break it. We’ve watched videos of lost pets meeting their owners again after many years and still displaying the same deep love and vigor towards them. If that’s not noble, I’ve no idea what noble stands for!

In 2008, the owner of this beautiful horse is said to be gone for 3 weeks on a holiday vacation. Apparently this horse and her were very close and so this absence seems to be felt by the two of them equally. When she returned, the first thing that she wanted to do was see her precious pet horse and gets a friend to videotape the reunion.

In this video, she is seen walking towards the pasture where the horse is casually grazing and almost immediately as soon as he hears her calling his name and see her standing there, this horse is seen galloping across the field toward his owner whom he clearly missed. The recognition in the horse’s face and the excitement in his gallop was not to be overlooked. This is the kind of reunion that you only see in the movies!

Click “play” and wait for that moment the horse spots her from a distance. He can’t wait. He has to run. What love!