She Was Brutally Raped When She Was 12—& She Just Confessed Why She’d Go Through It Again

This will mess with your emotions. Big time.

How can a story of a 12-year-old rape victim possibly have a happy ending? It shouldn’t. It couldn’t. But Lianna Rebolledo, now 35, said if she had to go through the physical and emotional turmoil again just to know and love her daughter, she would.

It’s heavy stuff. *Grabs four more tissues.

Two men raped Rebolledo when she was 12. She said she constantly felt dirty and tried to commit suicide. Soon after, a doctor told her she was pregnant. He told her she had every right to abort the child, because she didn’t need to have a constant reminder of the attack. Rebolledo asked the doctor if it would ease the pain and make her forget what she went through, but he told her no. Keep in mind, she was 12. A 12-year-old girl asked that question. That completely blows my mind.

“If abortion wasn’t going to heal anything, I didn’t see the point,” Rebolledo said. “I just knew that I had somebody inside my body. I never thought about who her biological father was. She was my kid. She was inside of me.”

So here she is, 23 years later. Rebolledo said the situation isn’t cut and dry. She didn’t only save her daughter’s life. Her daughter saved hers.

“In my situation, two lives were saved,” Rebolledo said. “I saved my daughter’s life, but she saved my life. Even though [the rape] was a very hard moment, if I had to go through that [again] just to know and to love my daughter, I would go through that again. She’s always been there for me. She’s the only person who has shown me a real love. And I always will be grateful.”

“Abortion is not the solution,” she added. “Not even for rape.”

You would never think a story like this could have a positive ending, and I think that’s what makes it so special. Life is life. The story is tragic, but the outcome is precious.

Watch more of her story below: