This Couple Was On The Verge Of Adopting A 6Th Child, Until They Received Unexpected News

If you were given the choice of adopting a child who was not given a very long time to live, would you still adopt him/her? This is a very real question that one couple was forced to face recently and while there are some who may not be able to shoulder this type of burden, the family in this story is not like most.

Josh and Alison Lewis were patiently awaiting the birth of their sixth child, who was slated to become their second adopted child (in addition to their four biological children). They received quite the shock when they learned that their sixth child was actually a twin.

Not only did they have the chance to take home an unexpected seventh child, but they were also faced with a very unique dilemma: the twin baby did not have very long to live and they had to decide if they were willing to take the child home with them. The doctors let them know that there was no pressure and that there were under no obligation to make a decision that left them unhappy.

Baby Ava weighed only three pounds and was born without a brain, but she still needed the same love and care as any other child. While the short life that she spent with her new parents was not the easiest one, they were more than happy to accompany her on her journey.

She only spent 178 days on this Earth and it was not easy for the family to say goodbye. They still managed to treasure every moment that they spent with her and they were at peace when they finally put her to rest. The family has created a donation page for those who wish to assist them with all of her medical costs and you should certainly pass this story along to create further awareness.

This story is proof that true selflessness still exists in this world. We are not sure if we could have made the same decision that Josh and Alison did, but we are certainly grateful that they were able to overcome their initial reservations.

Source: YouCaring