Video: I’ve Seen Some Disgusting Things In My Life, But This Might Easily Take The Cake

It seems like every day now we are exposed to yet another ugly display of the racial divide that still permeates American society more than a hundred and fifty years after the abolition of slavery. While it seems to be a new phenomena, it may simply be the cyclical boiling over of a latent characteristic of our society, much like what followed in the wake of the early 1990s after the Rodney King and OJ Simpson trials, or the profound but difficult transformation of American society during the Civil Rights era.
But as this disturbing video shows, there is much work left to do to mend the fences and rebuild a national unity. In this bizarre rant, a Tallahassee Florida woman confronts a group of African Americans and the bigotry flows profusely.

It is unclear from the actual footage what the cause of the encounter was, but what ensues is disturbing to watch no matter which side you take.

There is definite body shaming on the part of both participants, but the racially biased statements of the white woman seem at points to even defy logic.

One of the persons outside of range of the camera makes a comment about her body to which she replies, “Crack is black!”

She continues to move further down the rabbit hole with “You should have stayed in Africa, and you can go back there. It’s free. You can go back to Africa if you want to.”

One wonders if she is aware that over twelve million Africans were brought here against their will under the threat of death to work as slaves, and that she may very well have been addressing their descendants.
At another point, the woman says, “Then you can take your Washington, Jefferson last names.”

An historically oblivious statement, as Washington and Jefferson are the last names of two of the most influential founders of our republic. Names which were adopted by freed slaves who had been denied the right to even keep their original birth names.

Neither side in the argument was above reproach, as the filters continually needled her and egged her on. But her particularly confused rant paints a sad picture for the social discourse currently embroiling our country.

While the video is incomplete, leading many to speculate on who instigated the exchange, most people commenting on social media seem to acknowledge that both parties behaved beyond the pale. The consensus seems to be that at any moment either one could have just walked away.
“stupid people all around, the morons filming her and body shaming, odd they cut out what they said about her FIRST. but she was just as idiotic responding back to them.”

“Both sides should mind their own business…”

“…she should have just shut up, and why was the other person filming her in the first place?maybe she should minded her own business…”

“The racist stuff was uncalled for but why did they have to comment on her body. Why? It’s obvious the woman was a mean mouthed drunk. So they want to continue and egg her on? NObody is an angel here. They were spoiling for a fight.”

How would you have handled this situation? Do you think there was a “right or wrong” party in this argument? Please share your opinions with us here.