Worker Couldn’t Believe What He Saw Outside Store,Instantly Takes Off

A customer at a North Carolina grocery store was shocked when she saw a bagger run into the parking lot. She quickly pulled out her phone and took a photo of what he was doing.

Aaron Sanders, a bagger at Ingles Market, was doing his job when he looked out into the parking lot and realized he needed to leave the store immediately.

It was raining hard and Sanders watched an elderly woman trying to walk her groceries to her car in the rain with no umbrella. The bagger quickly ran toward the door and stopped the elderly woman, offering to help her out to her car, but she declined. But he insisted, telling her, “I prefer if I helped you out,” according to Mad World News

The woman accepted the offer and a number of customers watched as Sanders held an umbrella for her and walked her out to her car in the rain while she wrapped her arm around him.

Violet Baiera was in the store that day and snapped a photo of the pair walking through the parking lot in the rain, which she shared on Ingles Market’s Facebook page.

“I just love this photo that I took today while one of the bag boys was taking a sweet older lady to her car,” Baiera wrote in the post. “When the rain came down harder as they were walking she put her arm around him and pulled him close, before they got to the car the umbrella folded up on them, when he came back in he was dripping wet, and just a few minutes after that the rain let up but I thought it was so sweet that he would do that for her knowing he was gonna get drenched.”

The post received hundreds of comments from Facebook users touched by Sanders’ actions.

“All of the Ingles employees are friendly and eager to help. Hats off to the management for excellent training,” one user wrote.

 “Thank you for sharing this,” another viewer commented. “I really feel a story like this is needed to put a smile on our faces…especially with all the nastiness that been in the news so much lately. How proud his momma must be!”

Sanders commented on the post himself to thank Facebook users for their kind comments.

“I want to say thank you to everybody who’s commented and liked this photo, I come from a hard past with just my mother she’s the reason I am what I am, I’ve never had a father figure in my life so all the credit goes to her and she cried seeing what all you kind people had to say about this, I thank you all once again I hope this puts a smile on your face as it does mine,” he wrote.

Sources: Mad World News, Ingles Markets/Facebook / Photo credit: Pixabay, Violet Baiera/Facebook, Trip Advisor